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Peace of mind begins with simplicity.

Simplicity, efficiency, and elegance in your physical space, whether at work or at home.

The Inspired Home by B is a Kansas-based professional organizing business that transforms your surroundings from a whirlwind of clutter and chaos to a sanctuary where the mind, body, and spirit may flourish in sparkling clarity. Decision-making is no longer an anxiety-provoking chore, but rather a joyful act of making room for what is both inspiring and useful. We thrive on formulating practical, intuitive systems that you will be able to employ long after we’re gone.

Organizing, decluttering, downsizing

Steps in the Process:

The Consultation: We begin with a walk through of your home or office. During this initial session, we will discover where the pressure points are: what drives you crazy, what confuses you, what overwhelms you. Then we will begin to discover what inspires you as you describe and envision your ideal space, verbalizing your goals for decluttering. A blueprint for change is born.

The one-on-one: The next phase is all about springing into action. We work together to create simple, creative systems that fit your personal lifestyle. Items marked for disposal are donated to charity, waste is recycled, and excess is unburdened. A sense of relief is palpable as your environment slowly begins to breathe again. Efficiency and tranquility are restored.

The long term plan: In our final phase, we will work with you to create an easy, comfortable process for maintaining organization over the long haul. As you begin to make use of the toolset we leave behind, projects can be broken down into smaller units, difficult challenges are met with ingenuity, and simple living becomes the norm. We make problem-solving an art form rather than a daily source of dread.

Residential Organizing

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Home Staging

Home staging is the best way to market your home when you list it for sale. It is a proven strategy that sells homes faster and for more money. High-quality home staging appeals to buyers because it helps them envision your house as their home.

Home staging works because people don’t just buy houses; they buy a story of what their life would be like in a new home.

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